International Partners:

APQ, Spain - LPG and methane pressure regulators;
Polix, Slovenia – stop valves for gas, water and petrol products;  
Cavagna Group, Italy – specialized valves for LPG;
Coprim, Italy – equipment for gas – LPG and CNG – pressure regulators, filters and other;
Madas, Italy – filters, relief valves for CNG, LPG;
Tecnogas, Italy – gas compressors, equipment for gas;
Batusan, Turkey – industrial equipment;
Ingrid Blecha, Austria – aluminum pipes and fittings;
Valsteam ADCA, Portugal – valves and equipment for steam;
Equiptank, Spain – specialized equipment for tank trucks for light fuels;
PS Automation, Germany – industrial actuators;
Piusi, Italy – pumps, flow meters, nozzles and other equipment for light fuels and AdBlue;
Alfons Haar, Germany – equipment for tank trucks for light fuels and gas, pumps and spare parts;
Dixon, Canada – fittings and equipment for tank trucks;
Iberthor, Italy/Spain – industrial rubber hoses for water, air, foods, abrasive products, chemicals, petrol products and other applications;
Tosaca, Spain – safety-relief valves for gas, steam, water and other;  
Europump, Italy – nozzles for LPG and spare parts, By-pass valves, dispensers for gas;
Matec Group, Italy – composite hoses;
Norgren, Germany – solenoid valves;
Ridart, Italy – equipment and spare parts for petrol and gas stations;
Fagumit, Poland – industrial rubber hoses for wide range of applications;
VIR, Italy – industrial valves;
ICP Valves, Spain – industrial valves for gas, steam, petrol products;
Actreg, Spain – electric and pneumatic actuators;
Nuova General Instruments, Italy – safety valves;