About Us

Tech Trade Bulgaria Ltd. is a private company, founded in 2012. Since then the company strives to offer complete professional solutions in the field of industrial equipment and supplies that meet the latest international quality standards. Our partners are some of the world’s largest manufacturers of Austria, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, Portugal and other companies with extensive experience in production and proven over time quality of their products and services. Counting on the experience and qualifications of our team, we strive to contribute to the building of modern facilities and infrastructure that helps for a healthier, safer and cleaner environment. The main activity that our company does is import and marketing of industrial equipment and supplies, specialized generally in several areas:


-          Equipment for fluids under high pressure (LPG, CNG, steam, etc.) – Hoses, fittings, stop, control, safety and other types of valves, filters, pumps and specialized products (de-aerators, steam injectors, steam traps, level control systems, etc.);

-          Equipment for petroleum products (tank trucks, gas stations, oil terminals, LPG terminals, etc.) – Hoses, anti-overflow system, aluminum pipes and fittings, pumps, flow meters, sight glasses, top and bottom loading arms, floating roofs, gasoline pumps, nozzles for gasoline/diesel/gas etc.;

-          Equipment for water, air, chemicals – Pipes, hoses, fittings, stop, control, safety and other types of valves;